Bach Ke Zara

PRODUCED BY Rakesh Sawant
MUSIC Sayed Ahmed
STARCAST Amit, Rajesh, Neha Joshi, Sheril Singh, Mohak Nanda, Mohan Dey, Shree Khan & Jayesh. Rakhi Sawant (Guest Appearance)


The Haunted house a book of death and haunting evil power in the banyan trees are in search of human blood. A newly married couple comes to the haunted house for honeymoon and are madly in love in the bed room the evil comes alive and brutally kills the married couple and for years the married couple are in search of young blood. Years later one fine day a group of students come for picnic to enjoy and make funny. Sunny, Tina, Raja, Sheena and Sweety are enjoying and making fun the death book and trees come alive and force the college students to come to the haunted house. One by one Sunny, Tina, Raja, Sheena and Sweety get entangled in the trap of the evil and haunted banyan trees starts the deadly evil game.

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