Titoo MBA

PRODUCED BY Rajan Batra and Mayank Patel.
STARCAST Nishant Dahiya, Pragya Jaiswal, Abhishek Kumar and others
Music By Arjuna Harjai
Release Year 2014


Titoo (Takhat Singh Gill) is an ambitious Chandigarh boy who dreams of becoming a big businessman. However fate doesn’t favor Titoo and he faces heavy losses in business. In order to repay the loans taken from his neighbors Titoo is forced to do something extremely bizarre to earn money.

Meanwhile Titoo receives a proposal from Jalandhar based girl Gulshan Kaur Grover’s family and soon an arranged marriage takes place. But post marriage, life pulls the rug from under Titoo’s feet when his wife Gulshan Kaur Grover learns about his secret.

Titoo MBA is a light-hearted comedy film with a brief emotional roller coaster ride.

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