Gujjubhai Most Wanted



They say if something is going to go wrong, chances are it most definitely will. Arvind Divetia, 56 years old family man who believes in living in the moment and Khagesh his 26 year old son who is Arvind’s partner in crime seem to have a knack for finding trouble. True, that most of the times the situations are created by their own doings, but this time they have managed to get themselves in a fix that not even the Indian Secret Service can’t help them out of. Arvind’s business venture fails miserably and owes crores of Rupees to his financier who is after his life. Indu, Arvind’s overly cautious wife is not aware of the trouble Arvind and Khagesh are in and if escaping from the financier was not enough, Chandrika, Arvind’s NRI mother in law, who even after 28 years cannot believe her daughter married an imbecile like Arvind, has come to town. Not wanting her to find out about his current financial situation, Arvind with Khagesh’s help convinces them to leave town immediately for a while, till his troubles blow over. What starts out, as a hopeful family road trip soon turns increasingly preposterous as Arvind and Khagesh are assumed to be secret agents and the security of the entire nation is in their bumbling hands. Mix a terrorist plot, a secret mission and an unaware Gujarati family, things are bound to go hilariously wrong.

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