Super Duper


Sathya (Dhuruva) and his uncle (Shiva Shah Ra) are in a kidnapping spree. Both decide to kidnap a wealthy family girl named Sherin (Indhuja). They succeed in it. A shocking news is revealed by Sherin after her kidnap. Sherin makes a deal with her kidnappers and asks them to find her car. The car contains some cash, says Sherin, which is more than Sathya and his uncle planned to gain from the kidnapping. Sathya, his uncle and Sheringo for a car hunt. Only to know that the car is now sheltered under the deadly local don named Vedha. In the same city, the Narcotics Control Bureau team is in a huge hunt for drug traffickers. Did they find the drug traffickers? Did Sathya and his uncle manage to find Sherin's car? Is Sherin telling the truth? Who is she really?

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