7 Aatankwadi

DIRECTED BY Harvinder Pal
MUSIC Pravin Kuwar.
STARCAST Avinash Wadhwan, Shahbaz Khan, Imran Khan, Pramod Moutho, Ankush Mohite, Gurbachan, Yusuf Baba, Fakira & Others.


Jagira (Shahbaz Khan) is an international terrorist. Whis is wanted dead or alive for cash award of Rs. 1 crore.

Jagira comes to India to eliminate the family of chief minister Direndra Singh (Pramod Moutho) Salim the Younger brother of Jagira attempts to kill Nishi the daughter of the chief Minister but been saved by Dr. Sooraj (Avinash Wadhawan). Chief Minister and inspector Khan (Gurubachan Singh) offer security to Dr. Sooraj but Dr. Sooraj denies saying that he is well capable to guard him self and his family.

One day Jagira invades Dr. Soorajs residence along with 6 allies and makes hostage to entire family alongwith Dr. Soorajs wife Rajani (Sangita) and sister Babli (Siddika) and Jagira starts torturing Dr. Sooraj and his family. Dr. Sooraj is very depressed but his does not has any other option to do at this moment Popo (Imran Khan) a friends of Babli comes and encourages Dr. Sooraj.

One day one of the terrorist Abdullah (Ankush Mohite) dares to rape Dr. Soorajs sister babli surprisingly Jagira shoots Abdullah and asks Dr. Sooraj to burry his dead body. During all this happening Dr. finds chance to inform the Chief Minister and Chief Minister sends the police, police rads the Dr. Soorajs residence and heavy firing takes place from both the sides.

And here the situation turns dramatically which surprises everyone and story full of action, suspense, drama & thrills begins.

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