DIRECTED BY Harish N. Bhonsle
PRODUCED BY Viveak Dixit
MUSIC Madhu Mani
STARCAST Govind Namdeo, Mukesh Tiwari, Mohan Joshi, Daksh Sethi, Jayesh Chawala, Rakesh Pandey, Ajay Kaurab, Sangita Tiwari, Sonali Goswami, Tirtha, Vinay Chauhan


This is the story of four college students, Raj, Bobby, Vinay and Asif. Beyond their college hours they spend all the time at a tea shop outside the college. Khan Baba, who is the owner of the tea shop, loves them very much. Rajs mother tells them not to sit in the tea shop, But one day, an incident which happens in the tea shop, shatters the life of all the four friends. In their support, the owner of the tea shop, Khan Baba reveals that he's not a tea vendor, but in fact is, Mushtaq, the underworld don of yester years. With this, the story takes to a new turn and leads to a new war. How does this war end?

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