Ishq Na Hove Rabba



The film ia all above love story of two collage students, Jorawar Singh and Sherjit Singh, they are in love and want to marry, but their father in law has their coditions of marriage, they wanted son in law ad Advocate and other one requires police Inspector. Prof Sidhu introduces these two boys to their farther in law as an advocate and police inspector, but they demand to see them in action. Now they remains with no other option except to form a police station and court room. All collage students and staff helps them in runnin the court and police station, all fake things are managed, but unfortunately villages catches one dreaded terrorist Bhaktorar, now these people advises Bhatktorar to run away and tell them that they are fake, but Bhaktora denies as he think that police is planning encounter, so he is taken to court and is acquitted, here too he does not agrees, this is the how film moves , it was easy to open the court but difficult to close. A film is basically a situational comedy and a very loving movie.

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